Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling

Helping people with disabilities return to work.

Our Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellors are available on a fee for service basis to evaluate and counsel people through a careful analysis of their prior work history and or work potential.

This usually proceeds sequentially commencing with a detailed interview with any necessary research, evaluations and or assessments uncovering the following information:

  • Education and job training prior to disability
  • Skills and training potential post disability
  • Interests and motivation
  • Financial circumstances and requirements
  • Post employment supports
  • Local labour market analysis
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling - Meeting

Our Rehabilitation Counsellors extend continued counselling, revaluation/ assessments, and education to address vocational issues as they may emerge.

Types of Vocational Rehabilitation Counselling available include:

  • Vocational
  • Rehabilitation
  • Career
  • Outplacement
  • Social
  • Exit
  • Avocational
  • Financial

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