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Building a strong community – together.

We strive to achieve optimal results for our clients, through effective collaboration and active involvement within a community setting.

Our primary objective is to assist our partners in consistently delivering excellent service to all clients, regardless of the specific contract or engagement.

For over 30 years, we have established a strong track record of successful partnerships with community-based service providers. As a provider of employment and rehabilitation services, we are committed to empowering clients by equipping them with the necessary skills, access to tools, and ongoing support required to secure and sustain meaningful employment.

At RNC, we are known for our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in services, offering exceptional value to our clients.

Our solution based approach offers measurable results to achieve objectives. Our primary focus is to create connections and educate others to ensure prompt and direct access to a host of services. By establishing shared goals, we work towards meeting the unique requirements of our clients and partners, by utilizing best practices to achieve success.

We enthusiastically embrace collaborations with organizations and believe that together, we can enable individuals to achieve long-lasting success!

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    Rehabilitation Network Canada Inc.                              Services and Programs

    Our services and programs where stated, are funded through various levels of government. We also provide services to insurers, legal firms, employers, and the private sector on a fee for service basis.

    We provide expertise in Rehabilitation, Vocational and Functional Assessments, Case Management, Employment and Career Transition, and Expert Opinions for businesses, insurance, legal, government, courts and tribunals.

    Fee schedule available upon request.

    RNC Employment Services Division                Services and Programs

    Our various services and programs are funded through Canadian; Federal, Provincial, Regional and Municipal levels of Government as well as on a fee for service basis.

    Services may include, based on funding and criteria being met, Career Counselling, Facilitated Workshops, Coaching, Job Development, Better Jobs Ontario, Canada-Ontario Job Grant, Apprenticeship and Employer Hiring and Training Incentives for eligible employers. We extend support to employers, job seekers, and third party funders alike to achieve sustainable employment.