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Employment Services

Job search employment Centre
Connecting job seekers with suitable employment opportunities and support throughout the job search process. Offering case management, assessments, workshops, labour market research, job placement and retention services.

Employer Supports

Employment interview
Helping businesses find qualified candidates, and promote workforce development through job matching, financial incentives, job fair hosting and free access to job board postings. Providing consultative services to address specialized needs.

Vocational Rehab

Assisting individuals in overcoming barriers to employment and achieving their vocational goals through case management, counselling, functional and standardized testing to determine employability and or achieve an early and safe return to competitive employment.

Create an effective job search campaign through our workshops.

Employment job board group

Whether you are looking for work or looking to hire local talent, our job board can help.

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    Our Company

    Rehabilitation Network Canada Inc.

    Our services and programs where stated, are funded through various levels of government. We also provide services to insurers, legal firms, employers, and the private sector on a fee for service basis.

    We provide expertise in Rehabilitation, Vocational and Functional Assessments, Case Management, Employment and Career Transition, and Expert Opinions for businesses, insurance, legal, government, courts and tribunals.

    Fee schedule available upon request.

    RNC Employment Services Division

    Our various services and programs are funded through Canadian; Federal, Provincial, Regional and Municipal levels of Government as well as on a fee for service basis.

    Services may include, based on funding and criteria being met, Career Counselling, Facilitated Workshops, Coaching, Job Development, Better Jobs Ontario, Canada-Ontario Job Grant, Apprenticeship and Employer Hiring and Training Incentives for eligible employers. We extend support to employers, job seekers, and third party funders alike to achieve sustainable employment.

    This Employment Ontario service is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.
    The views expressed in the publication are the views of the Service Provider and do not necessarily reflect those of the Province and SSM. The Government of Ontario and it’s agencies are in no way bound by any recommendations contained in this document.